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What are the Health Benefits of Co-enzyme Q10?

When the body is deficient in Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10), the cells are not given enough energy and thus are unable to function at their best. One of the primary uses of Co-enzyme Q10 is in helping those who are lacking in energy or easily fatigued, to increase their energy levels. This aspect is especially relevant to those suffering from illness such as glandular fever or chronic fatigue syndrome.

The health benefits of Co-enzyme Q10 extend far beyond the treatment of illnesses. Co-enzyme Q10 is primarily a preventative supplement. Because Co-enzyme Q1o supplementation replaces spent Co-enzyme Q10 that was naturally produced in the body or introduced by foods, it is regarded as a Super nutrient when taken in relatively large quantities.  The intake quantity required of Co-enzyme Q10 is dependent upon the age of the person and their general state of health.

By middle age we have generally lost up to 40% of our Co-enzyme Q10 reserves in our body. The problem is that the loss of 25% and beyond is considered critical in terms of a sustained healthy life. To enjoy a long-term healthy life one must use a form of  supplementation of Co-enzyme Q10.  Without it, good health and wellbeing cannot be maintained into older age.

Brewer (2010) acknowledges further health benefits of Co-enzyme Q10, as follows:

  • protects against furring arteries (atherosclerosis
  • reduces heart disease
  • helps Raynaud’s Syndrome sufferers
  • reduces stain side-effects
  • reduces high blood pressure
  • significantly improves sperm functioning
  • increases antibodies after vaccination
  • increases immune cells to boost immunity
  • may aid weight loss by stimulating lipid metabolism
  • significantly reduces depth of periodontal pockets
  • reverses periodontal gum disease

Co-enzyme Q10 and Statin Drugs

If one is currently taking statins and suffering from related side-effects such as muscle pain and weakness, it is worth discussing Co-enzyme Q10 usage with a doctor. For reducing high blood pressure, statin side-effects and heart disease, significantly higher doses will likely be necessary.

As highlighted above, Co-enzyme Q10 may be obtained from dietary sources and health food shops as a supplement and is required to help cells create energy and function at an optimum level. There are many health benefits associated with Co-enzyme Q10, which include reducing heart disease, high blood pressure, statin side-effects, as well as increasing sperm functioning and immunity.

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