All About Taurine In Energy Drinks

Nowadays, it is but common to find the substance taurine in energy drinks. A lot of claims have been made with regards to the health benefits provided by taurine in energy drinks that it has become such a common advertising propaganda. However, the public does not have time to really evaluate the purpose of such macronutrient. In order to fully assess the true (if any) benefits of taurine in energy drinks, a guide is provided below:

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 *Taurine is an organic acid which is found in variety of animal species including humans. Among the amino acids, it is one of the most abundant which is good since it plays vital roles within the body. Taurine is responsible for calcium signaling, functions as an antioxidant, conjugation of bile acids among others. Overall effects of taurine include the regulation of the cardiovascular system, improving bone health, as well as eyesight.

*But even without having to absorb taurine in energy drinks, humans can still derive it with the consumption of meat and seafood, and, in a little known fact – the body also produces it by itself. According to a study made by the European Commission, people normally consume 40mg to 400 mg of taurine in a day through food sources. The case is different for vegetarians however, whose intake of taurine is almost zero.

*1000 to 2000mg is the usual content of taurine in energy drinks, although some brands have higher concentrations of the stuff. The ceiling level for taurine consumption is pegged at 3000mg since anything beyond that would simply be disposed by the kidneys. Studies are still being conducted on the probable side-effects of taurine. So far, only studies among animal subjects were made regarding the efficacy of taurine in preventing cirrhosis or liver disease in animals.

*Supposedly, taurine in energy drinks helps boost energy but there is no scientific evidence for such. Although consuming taurine in large doses may still be safe, other components of energy drinks like caffeine, sugar ,or even herbs may lead to adverse health risks.

* It has been shown that animals benefit from taurine supplementation. Unless you are a vegetarian or a vegan, your daily diet already supplies your body with enough taurine, so supplementation isn’t really needed.

Consumers should be well-educated about the purpose and benefits of taurine in energy drinks. Because of much marketing hype about supplements that promise benefits but deliver nothing, many people have been spending a lot of money on food sources that they can normally derive from their regular meals.

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