Dangers Of Energy Drinks: What People Don’t Know

Dangers Of Energy DrinksA good number of people use energy drinks whenever they need a boost to help them get through their day. This common means for an energy boost during long and strenuous days are partaken on my adults and teens alike with the idea that it is quite safe. However, the youth of today have a different perspective on energy drinks and treat them like a typical soda or sports drink. Thanks to false advertising, a number of children now consume copious amount of the drink thinking it is needed to see them through the day. But contrary to their beliefs, regular consumption of energy drinks have very harmful but often overlooked side-effects. Here are some facts about this drink that could make you think twice before allowing your child to take it regularly.

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•  Energy drinks are filled with caffeine. Studies have shown that a can of energy drink contains five times more caffeine than a can of soda. This high concentration of caffeine is what gives people that ‘boost’ of energy. This feeling is actually a “caffeine high” that really doesn’t last too long, it is considered as one of the main dangers of energy drinks because of the number of health risks associated with elevated consumption of caffeine.

•  Side effects of the over-consumption of caffeine include heart palpitations, hypertension, insomnia, anxiety, and headaches. These conditions could worsen overtime, leading to complications of the heart, liver, and other vital organs.

•  The dangers of energy drinks also include not knowing what’s in it aside from a high dose of caffeine. Many energy drinks fail to list other additives and preservatives on the label.

People are generally unaware of the dangers of energy drinks for the simple fact that they look like ordinary sodas. They are sold in supermarkets, grocery stores and gas stations right next to sports drinks which makes it seem like a safe drink. But the truth is it’s a drink that can cause health complications if taken regularly. Now that you are aware of the dangers of energy drinks, save yourself and others and stop consuming them!

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