Energy Drinks Side Effects On Children

Energy drinks have become so popular which made it in to a billion dollar industry. Advertising and the media all helped to usher the popularity of energy drinks, with product ads and promotions all amounting millions of dollars as of late.

As a result, almost anyone nowadays take energy drinks like any soda. However, such practices, dangerous in itself, becomes even more so once we find out just how much our children consume in a day. Dozens of medicals studies and similar reports have been conducted on energy drinks side effects, and seeing as how it can be dangerous for adults, what more for children? Just recently, the American Academy Of Pediatrics released a study that covers not only children but adolescents and young adults as well. First of all, the study establishes the fact that roughly 30-50% of young adults and adolescents consume energy drinks. The medium of consumption is often on a day-to-day basis, especially while out drinking with other teens. Due to the fact that the FDA has no clear stand on energy drinks and the limits of its consumption for children, it can be bought anytime without any hassle.

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Although energy drinks normally contain legal substances, children can take copious amounts of such sweet-tasting energy drinks. Another unknown danger of energy drinks is its relatively high amount of caffeine, which is something that shouldn’t be consumed while one is still young. An increase in heart-rate, feelings of anxiety coupled with restlessness, and symptoms of dehydration are just some of the many energy drinks side effects. The situation is compounded as kids experience energy drinks side effects while they are physically active. Increased breathing and heart rate and experienced during physical activity due to the stimulant nature of caffeine. On a more serious level, the study also revealed that energy drinks side effects may include mood and behavioral disorders, seizures, diabetes, and even cardiac abnormalities.


Furthermore, energy drinks side effects are often reported in young people who take certain medications. In fact, some countries like Turkey, Norway and Uruguay has altogether banned sales of such products to children below 15 years of age according to a New York Times news report. This is in fact very good news for both parents and children! Young people should altogether cease the consumption of energy drinks. For the much needed energy boost, natural and organic choices are a much healthier option. After all, anything that is artificial or commercial would not render much good to the human body.

What are your thoughts about energy drinks and young children? Should they be banned? Please leave your comments below.

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