Health Dangers Of Energy Drinks With Alcohol

In the past few years, college students from different parts of the world have been making their own cocktails- energy drinks with alcohol. Whether a great recipe or a stupid idea, mixing alcohol with energy drinks has the word ‘bad’ written all over it. The potent combination of popular energy drinks such as Red Bull along with alcohol would surely be a mind-blowing experience. Back then the maxim was “don’t drink and drive”; nowadays, it’s “don’t drink energy drinks with alcohol”. Just why are energy drinks with alcohol a bad thing? Read on the following pointers before gulping energy drinks with alcohol in your next party:

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  • Alcohol makes people depressed while energy drinks stimulate you. While you may be after a really funny mind trip, just you wait until you hit something or get hit while driving. What is even more dangerous is that your motor skills are impaired although your perception remains clear due to the caffeine. Before you knew it, you can hurt or get hurt that is if you are lucky enough to survive a car accident.


  • Energy drinks themselves contain many additives and chemicals which can pose grave health risk, among them are: caffeine, ginseng, taurine, ephedrine, and other risky herbal additives. We just don’t know what’s in energy drinks because the FDA does not regulate its production. The bad news is that such substances may not go well with alcohol. In fact, it is stressed than chemical additives should not be paired with alcoholic consumption for fear of unknown or unpredictable effects. Each person has a different biological make-up that responds differently to energy drinks with alcohol. It can trigger allergic reactions or even life-threatening situations such as a heart attack. In fact, it was reported in Science Daily that cardiopulmonary dangers are possible when taking energy drinks with alcohol.


  • Furthermore, alcoholism may develop from mixing energy drinks with alcohol. The addition can stem from the heightened feeling one gets and the irresistible taste of the cocktail. Since energy drinks with alcohol are consumed by a younger audience, the risks are definitely greater.

As of now, energy drinks are unregulated since they are not FDA. Regardless of the lack of regulation, one should still act responsibly while consuming it. The ancient maxim, ‘too much of a good thing is bad’ should always apply.

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