Improving Libido and Performance with Co Q10

There have been a lot of benefits that can be derived from Co Q10 capsules. Many of them are related to the overall health of an individual, while there are also benefits that target specific problems and complications. One such problem would be with libido and performance. Co Enzyme Q10 or simply Co Q10 is a natural protein found and created in each of our living cells. It is made in the part of the cell called the mitochondria, known as the powerhouse of the cell.

There have been studies that have shown Co Q10 supplements to have a significant effect on a person’s sex drive. Some have speculated that because of the many health benefits that Co Q10 provides to the individual, many other aspects of his daily life, including his sex drive, is also affected and improved. There are some studies that believe that the Co Q10 supplement itself has had an effect on a person’s sex drive.

One of the most effective benefits that Co Q10 supplements provide is as an energy booster. Co Enzyme Q10’s main role in cellular biology is to spread energy to most parts of the body. Adding additional Co Q10 can boost the energy levels in the body. Having more energy will in turn, naturally increase sexual libido and improve performance of an individual.


Because Co Q10 affects our body’s health at a molecular level, improvement and enhancement is seen in almost all parts of the body. This includes our natural production of hormones. Co Q10 improves on the immunity and metabolism of a person’s health, making it easier to produce hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. This increase in hormone production can also improve libido.

Co Q10 is also known as a preventive supplement for diseases such as cancer, including ovarian cancer and prostate cancer. This benefit is not only good for a person’s body, it can also benefit that person’s mindset and psychology, in knowing that they are improving and protecting that part of their anatomy. Most people who suffer from these diseases have significantly lower libidos.

Co Q10 is also famously known for benefiting the heart. Having a healthier heart can improve a person’s performance tenfold. Co Q10 is also good for lowering high-blood pressure and cholesterol. Having improvements in these departments can also affect a person’s physical performance physically. Co Q10 is also very good for the blood. Having better movement and health with our blood can also increase a person’s libido.

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What is your experience with the effect of CoQ10 om your libido and performance? Has CoQ10 improved your performance significantly as many people have experienced?  Please leave your comments for other to share your experiences.


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