The Journey of Co Q10

The use of dietary supplements such as Co Q10 has gradually increased over the past few years. As more and more people are looking to become health conscious, they look to advanced health products such as premium Q10 energy supplements to help improve their health and boost their immunity. But where does Co Q10 come from and how does it get to become the yellow health supplements that seem to be everywhere nowadays?

Co Q10 is natural substance that is found in all living cells of the human body. It is used by the mitochondria to transform nutrients that we absorb into energy that our body needs. It is present almost everywhere in the human body and can be found in tissues and organs that use the most energy such as the heart, the liver and the lungs.

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The compound Coenzyme Q10 or Co Q10 was first discovered in the 1950’s. It wasn’t commercially manufactured until decades later when it was discovered that I could be mass produced and distributed through the natural process of fermentation. Being naturally produced is among the most appealing properties of premium Q10 energy supplements.

Even with mass production, it wasn’t until Co Q10 was produced as gel-like capsules that pharmacies were able to make full use of its benefits and uses. In this signature yellow gel-like form, Co Q10 supplements became fat soluble and it made it possible to be efficiently absorbed and distributed through digestion. Being fat soluble also made it possible for Co Q10 to be used as a dietary supplement.Q10-300x250-05

With this newest development, the news of the effectiveness and efficiency of Co Q10 supplements grew. It first made a boom in manufacturing in Asian nations such as China, India and Russia. But with the demand for Co Q10 supplements growing every year, there are now factories being built in the United States as well. Recent research has shown that Co Q10 is now only effective as a health supplement but could also help with treating and curing diseases.

Considering how much the premium Q10 energy supplements has grown over the past few years, it is still constantly developing and evolving. Nutritionists and scientists in the medical field are discovering new benefits and uses of Co Q10 and finding new ways to create and package these supplements. In as little as a few short years, we may see new versions of Co Q10 and how it is used.

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