Q10 Capsules for Women

Co Q10 or Co enzyme Q10 is a natural compound produced in each of the cells in our body. It is mainly used as a means of spreading energy to all parts of our body, but it also has several other health benefits. A normal person consumes around 3-5 mgs of CoQ10 per meal. That amount can be increased to 50-200 with Premium Q10 Capsules. These capsules benefit almost everybody, but here are some of the ways it is beneficial specifically for women.

Prenatal supplements

Studies have shown that women who took CoQ10 supplements during their pregnancy were less likely to develop any complications during that span. During a report in 2009, participants that took Q10 capsules were 25% less likely to have complications in pregnancy, including high blood pressure issues, and complications during birth. Co Q10 supplements also provide the mother with essential benefits such as additional energy and improved immunity.

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Breast cancer

There has always been research concerning the relationship between CoQ10 and Cancer.  Although there have been nothing found on the possibility of CoQ10 having a direct effect on Cancer, there have been findings that using CoQ10 as supplements to cancer treatment can have effects of the development of several kinds of cancer, including breast cancer. Taking CoQ10 early can also reduce complications from cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

Menstrual Cramps

During Menstrual cycle, women suffer through menstrual cramps in varying degree. For most women, the pain is manageable, but there are some who experience extreme pain. There are several medications that can be taken to reduce the pain and Premium Q10 Capsules is one of them. Taking Q10 capsules consistently can greatly reduce pain and discomfort during the menstrual cycle.


Although the body continually produces Co Q10, the levels are gradually reduced as a person ages. And as a woman ages, she will eventually go through menopause without the same levels of Co Q10 as she had when she was younger. Taking Premium Q10 Capsules can serve as a much needed energy boost as well as reduce menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, migraines, depression and headaches.

Overall Health Benefits

Even with all the benefits that Co Q10 provides specifically to women, you cannot ignore the overall health benefits that it also provides for everyone. The supplements can provide several health benefits such as improving metabolism and increasing immunity. It can also prevent several conditions, diseases, and ailments, including heart disease, which coincidentally is the leading cause of death among women.

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