Q10 for Children

Co Enzyme Q10 has emerged as one of the top dietary supplements in the past few years. As a relatively new supplement, it has already been ranked as 3rd as the most used supplement, just behind omega-3 supplements and multivitamins. It can be used as supplements in addition to medication and treatment, it can be used as a daily supplement for the aged, and it can also be used as supplement for young people and for children.

Q10 supplements are derived from the protein Co Enzyme Q10 or simply Co Q10. This protein is produced in our body in each cell. It is produced by part of the cell called the mitochondria or the powerhouse of the cell. Its main use is to spread energy to various parts of the body. Certain body parts that use the most amount of energy, such as the heart and the lungs have high levels of Co Q10.

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Q10 can be very good for children because it provides certain protection that most children have not developed yet. Co Q10 boosts the body’s immune system protecting it from most bacteria and germs that children are susceptible to. Co Q10 also helps in enhancing the metabolism, making a child’s body stronger and better equipped to handle sickness.

Prevention is another aspect that Q10 is excellent in. Aside from protecting the body, having high levels of Q10 in the body prevents most diseases and sicknesses that children will most likely go through as they grow up. If started at an early age, children who have taken Q10 supplements are less likely to develop problems with their heart, lungs and blood.

Children are known to have an endless supply of energy, but even the most active children have to rest and recuperate the energy that they use. Q10 supplements are a great source of extra energy that children can use in their daily lives. Q10 is also a safe and natural compound, making it one of the safest energy booster supplements for children.

Q10 is also great in helping to treat most existing diseases and disorders that are common among children. Adding Q10 supplements to the conventional medication or treatment will strengthen the child’s body and hasten the effects of the medication. It is important to note that Q10 is only effective as a dietary or daily supplement and must not be used as a substitute to the actual medication.

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