Fight Free Radicals with CoQ10

Free Radicals are Unstable Atoms

Free radicals are often defined as unstable and chemically incomplete atoms that tend to steal electrons from other molecules in order to stabilize. Virtually every definition of free radicals state that it is the culprit behind aging. Free radicals have been directly associated to the development of symptoms related to heart disease, hypertension, stroke and cancer. It has also been claimed as the cause of headaches, dry skin, and high blood pressure, which are all attributes of aging. What do free radicals really do and how do we stop them?

Free Radicals Attack Healthy Cells

Free radicals attack healthy cells. Although they have been known for a long time as the “bad guys” in terms of health, free radicals actually exist naturally in the body. They are the products of metabolism, digestion, energy production and consumption. The more we use oxygen, the more we are likely to produce free radicals. Even breathing, digesting food, exercising, and sunlight and others will create free radicals in the body. They are created by just the basic actions of living life. However, our body sometimes produces more free radicals than we can handle.

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