How CoQ10 Contributes to Men’s Libido

Libido is the desire to engage in sexual activity. Several studies show that as sperm count drops with age, so does potency. As men approach middle age, many report lower sex drive and lesser energy. The main reason for this is diminished testosterone levels. About 5% of men experience decreased sexual interest or desire. This is a condition that increases with age.

Other major causes of decreased libido can be found in the environment. We are all surrounded by free radicals that contribute to this problem. There are chemicals all around us that wear out our cells. Pesticides that contaminate our food, plastic in your water bottle, and other harmful contaminants in your food container—all of these are chemicals known as xeno-estrogens. These substances act as estrogen in your body. When they take effect, a hormonal imbalance occurs, where you have more estrogen and less testosterone in your body.


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