Defy Aging with Food Nutrients

Several factors contribute to aging and many others slow it down. A very important factor is nutrition. Scientists believe that the process of aging is greatly affected by free radicals, which can be neutralized by our body’s defense via “free-radical scavenging.” Our body has its own supply of antioxidants, chemicals that fight and neutralize free radicals. Let’s find out how these antioxidants work and how we can boost our supply of these age-defying chemicals.

Vitamins and Beta Carotene

Vitamin C can be derived from citrus fruits, papaya, kiwi fruits and mangoes. Nuts, sunflower seeds, green tea, wheat germ, and liver, are high in vitamin E. Beta carotene can be found in yellow or deep-colored foods such as mangoes, carrots, kale, and spinach.

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