The Awful Truth about Premium Q10 Capsules

Co Q10 already has a lot of well-researched health benefits such as increased energy, improved metabolism, weight loss, cell protection, and better cardiovascular health. Recent research has also shown CoQ10 to promote neurological health on. However, many patients still testify the absence of those benefits in spite of regular CoQ10 supplementation. You will soon learn why this happens!

One truth that is not yet widely known is that much of the CoQ10 that a person takes never reaches the cells where it is supposed to exert its maximum benefit. This is especially true to people over 50 years of age, whose bodies find it difficult to convert CoQ10 into its usable form. Because of this, the cells are deprived of the protection and nourishment that they should be getting from supplements.

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CoQ10 – The Super Nutrient

Coenzyme Q10Health gurus worth their salt are promoting the message that people should prevent disease rather than treat them. This flies in the face of conventional medicine where patients are treated after the fact. The truth is that you only have one body and you should look after it as such.

Unfortunately, many of use aren’t prepared to take responsibility for our own health issues, by opting to leave that responsibility to their doctor!

Thankfully, the ‘Super’ nutrient, CoQ10 is here to help you do just that. It is never too late to start redressing poor lifestyle choices and improve your health. You can even slow down the process of aging with this super nutrient. (more…)

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Reduce the Risk of a Heart Attack with Co-Enzyme Q10

Reduce the Risk of a Heart AttackNatural health gurus are focusing on preventing disease, instead of following the medical profession’s example of treating symptoms after the disease has occurred. The reason for that is that we are born with only one body and whatever we do with it from the time we are born – good or bad – affects our ‘home’ when we are older.

It’s never too soon to start taking Co-Enzyme Q10 to fight the effects of aging and to preserve your healthy body in order to enjoy a better lifestyle when you are in your golden years. This is particularly important when it comes to your most important organ, your heart. (more…)

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Co-Enzyme Q10 and Motherhood!

Co-Enzyme Q10 and MotherhoodTaking a course of Co-Enzyme Q10 during pregnancy is a contentious issue in some quarters of the medical profession. Some doctors have issued pre-cautions about the use of Co-Enzyme Q10 during pregnancy.  Then others, who are more knowledgeable of the real benefits of the nutrient, take a more positive approach to its use. (more…)

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