Co-Enzyme Q10 and Motherhood!

Co-Enzyme Q10 and MotherhoodTaking a course of Co-Enzyme Q10 during pregnancy is a contentious issue in some quarters of the medical profession. Some doctors have issued pre-cautions about the use of Co-Enzyme Q10 during pregnancy.  Then others, who are more knowledgeable of the real benefits of the nutrient, take a more positive approach to its use.

Many enlightened doctors are now endorsing its use after seeing the positive benefits of women taking a course of Co-Enzyme Q10 before and during pregnancy. After all, Co-Enzyme Q10 is an essential nutrient within every cell of our bodies. Without its presence in our cells there is no life!

Because Co-Enzyme Q10 has so many favourable health benefits it is only natural that women should begin a course of the nutrient as part of their family planning process. For best results soon to be mothers should begin their course of Co-Enzyme Q10 up to 12 months prior to becoming pregnant to ensure that the full benefits of the nutrient have enriched every part of her body.

Some people would question why a twenty something healthy young woman would need to take Co-Enzyme Q10 before and during pregnancy. The answer is simple! Why take any chances in this life defining period of a new mother and creation of her new child?  Why risk the chances of illness before becoming pregnant and during the pregnancy?

Not all women are getting pregnant in their twenties these days. Many are leaving the process of child bearing well into their thirties and forties. For these women taking a course of Co-Enzyme Q10 would be very beneficial for them in terms of energy maintenance and boosting their immune system to protect them and their unborn child from health complications during the pregnancy. The pregnancy can be a very arduous process for many women. In many cases it saps them of their energy to live a relatively normal life during the pregnancy.

women taking Co-Enzyme Q10The experience that some women have had taking a course of Co-Enzyme Q10 before, during and after pregnancy has been nothing short of amazing. Some women have experienced a very healthy period during pregnancy and delivering above average weight babies with placentas that were so large and healthy that the delivering Obstetrician could hardly believe their size, saying that he “had never seen a placenta so large and healthy in all his day delivering babies”.

Having discussed the importance of Co-Enzyme Q10 to would be mothers, we now need to look at the options in terms of types of Co-Enzyme Q10. After all not all Co-Enzyme Q10 products are manufactured equally.

The most popular versions of Co-Enzyme Q10 are the cheap liquid gel cap products with only low quantities (30-50 mg) of Ubiquinol. Unfortunately, you only get what you pay for. With the Ubiquinol being delivered in a liquid gel or oil form the essential energy spark is lost once the Ubiquinol was mixed with the liquid therefore rendering it almost useless in terms of your health.

The only effective method for delivering Co-Enzyme Q10 is in a dry based Ubiquinone form. The Ubiquinone is mixed with a Magnesium and Calcium Phosphate which preserves the vitally important electrical charge of the Co-Enzyme Q10 prior to ingestion. Once ingested the dry base disengages and Co-Enzyme Q10 is dissolved in the stomach within minutes, and onto the bloodstream and then into the cells where the almost instant energy boost is experienced.

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